My Dear Customers,

It is a pleasure to "meet" you, my name is Sara Smith. After experiencing a great few decades in the apparel business forming 3 successful companies, I decided to launch Regina Herman. Regina Herman was created to fill a void in the market - I wanted to provide luxury handbags at affordable price points while still capitalizing on trends and practicality. This mission was inspired by my daughter, who came up with this idea after a trip to Europe where I bought a bag for myself at a great price, only to be asked by my entire staff why I didn't bring some back for them!

The name of this company is dedicated to my parents, whom had hearts of gold and generosity beyond their means to help others before themselves. My goal is to continue their legacy and generosity by donating proceeds to a numerous amount of charities hand picked by me. Check out our charity partners and choose from our drop down menu.

Let’s all gather together to help raise awareness and give us a chance to give back.

Enjoy your selections!

Sara Smith